Business management


Excellent technology and efficient people are not enough to ramp up the company.
SV provides the customer with the tools and skills needed to plan, organize, direct and control the processes and functions of a company making it more proficient and competitive.

Performances management

• Financial information for the management of the competitive advantage
• Analysis and simulation of the financial results
• Guidelines for the evaluation of the company's profitability
• Financial and strategic sustainability
• Economic and financial benchmarking
• Analysis of the budget for the management of relationships with suppliers and customers
• Strategic controls systems and performance monitoring

Strategic cost management

• Cost management and cost modelling: from cutting to cost management
• Strategic analysis of the costs: activities, costs and cost drivers
• Evaluation of assets and of potential profit
• Cost management
• Mapping process costs for the management and development in production efficiency
• Cost management in the planning phase
• Analysis of the costs of idle capacity.

Corporate Finance

• Evaluation of investment decisions, financing and extraordinary operations of enterprises
• Cost determination of capital business
• Optimization of the choices of capital structure
• Company evaluation
• Operation of the main means for the collection of risk capital
• Identification of the main reports of corporate governance and their implications on business objectives
• Main sources of financial risk and use of instruments to cover them.

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